About Us

We act as cofounders, not just advisors, partnering with early-stage startups to drive ten-x growth through hands-on involvement, strategic relationships, and innovative capital solutions.

Our Story

We find joy when partnering with founders.

Jettison’s journey began in 2009 as a small boutique marketing agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded by Luke Frederick. Initially focused on providing marketing services, Jettison worked with over 300 organizations to help tell their stories. During this time, Luke invited other companies to work from his agency’s office space in the Northloop of Minneapolis, which led to the creation of a co-working space for founders.

Operating his agency from this collaborative environment, Luke discovered a profound joy in helping founders gain traction with their ideas. By 2015, this passion evolved into a strategic shift for Jettison. Luke began partnering with founders to grow their companies, taking equity stakes in return for their growth efforts. This pivotal moment marked Jettison’s transition from a marketing company to a growth company.

Over the next several years, Jettison formed partnerships with various founders, launching new ventures in collaboration with strategic partners. Through this journey, Luke realized his true calling: working with early-stage companies and helping founders amplify their ideas by tenfold. This work has become the heart and soul of Jettison, driven by the fulfillment and excitement of turning innovative concepts into thriving businesses.

Today, Jettison is a purpose-focused venture studio and growth agency, acting as co-founders of early-stage startups. With hands-on involvement, strategic relationships, and innovative capital solutions, we are dedicated to driving ten-x growth and transforming founder’s ideas into successful ventures.

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