Investment Thesis

We believe that purpose, not function, forms the foundation of great companies.

At Jettison, we build from purpose, not function. We strip ideas down to their core singularity, removing all noise to focus on the heart of what the company is solving and for whom. This requires empathy, not just knowledge, to build solutions for real people, avoiding common market fit issues. We value purpose-driven ideas that create sustainable models, generate value, and leave the earth and communities better than we found them. Business should be driven by purpose as well as profits.

Value Creation

We find joy when partnering with founders.

We help early-stage companies find true market fit that attracts strategic partners. We then bring these partners to the table and activate the business, acting as the co-founders you’ve always wanted.

Strategic Approach

Transforming ideas into thriving ventures.

Our strategic approach begins with discovery and listening, followed by re-aligning the business if needed. We then bring strategic partners to the table, rebuild core offerings, rebrand, acquire new talent, broker joint ventures, and implement whatever else will drive exponential growth.

Investment Criteria

Investing in purpose-driven visionaries.

We start with a small investment, preferably pre-seed, to enable initial growth work and prepare the company for a seed round. We seek founders with the right thesis for solving real market needs, driven by a desire to create solutions that help humanity and bring value to communities, not by ego or money.

Hands-On Involvement

Committed partners in your journey.

Our hands-on support means working side-by-side with founders, leveraging our networks, opening doors, and believing in their potential. An example is our partnership with Aidan and TYIK, where we helped shift his business model to partner with existing brands, leading to significant growth and success.

Community and Network

Unlocking growth through strategic relationships.

We leverage our network to sell the founder’s idea and solution, believing that relationships are more important than capital. By building strategic relationships with existing companies, we leverage their brand equity and reach, often acting as a catalyst for ten-x growth.

Risk Management

Ensuring strategic growth before capital.

Our initial growth phase aligns companies for optimal growth before a seed round, ensuring that added capital will be strategically impactful. Our initial investment is month-to-month, allowing us to stop if things are not working. If the company is ready at the end of the growth phase, we bring in capital partners.

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