Venture Studio

Co-found a startup and build the future with us

Our Approach

We partner with founders, providing hands-on support and leveraging strategic relationships to drive exponential growth and transform ideas into purpose driven ventures.


Co-create with serial founders

We partner with experienced founders and integrators, fostering a collaborative environment to build robust startups from the ground up.


Accelerated market fit and activation

Through deep market analysis and strategic adjustments, we help startups find their market fit rapidly, ensuring their solutions meet real-world needs.


Access to catalysts and capital

We connect startups with key catalysts and capital, leveraging our extensive network to provide the resources needed for exponential growth and success.


We are stronger and faster together

Our community thrives on collaboration and mutual support. We offer early-stage startups access to pre-seed capital, a network of experienced mentors, and strategic partners. By joining Jettison, founders become part of a vibrant ecosystem that fosters innovation, shares knowledge, and accelerates growth. Together, we leverage collective strengths to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success.

What we look for

We partner with founders looking to build lasting purpose driven companies.


Serial founders and startup integrators


Purpose-driven problem solvers


Industry leaders who love lifting others up


Futurist activators who love to activate

Build from our ideas or bring your genius